Friday, December 19, 2008


been to sears lately?

had to go to the one in falls church, VA to pick up something i ordered over the 'phone, and it took over half an hour to not recognise my gmail print out confirmation number, the credit card used in the transaction, or even to acknowledge i was even in their system.

the merchandise pick-up area was staffed by a machine that spat out instructions too loud, but failed to provide a working system, a screen that told me my order was completed in 3:53 secs despite us being there for 45 mins, and lobotomized employees.

sears, rearranged reads Arses...

much more appropriate.

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Enchanting Sunshine said...

I was recently at a strip mall with a new Sears outlet. Even though the sign was new, the first two letters didn't work. From a distance, the sign clearly read, "Ars Outlet." I thought, "Well there's a new niche for us overweight Americans."

It's also, as you said, quite aptly named. Their dishonest auto shop and die easy batteries lost my business fifteen years ago.