Tuesday, December 09, 2008

"team nutty" reaches 1/2 million milestone

climateprediction.net current credits: 500,877.24

USA Rank: 129

World Rank:547



Chris said...

Russell I am soo absolutely lost as far as the charts, stats,data,and basicly all of the stuff. THe only thing I can see of value is the logo boinc which a word I have heard you use often as I recall. Their is a scientific world of four eed individuals out there ..I mean out there. Who im sure can go into a full explanation I am sure. I predict that if one were to call 202 936 1212 they could get the weather free. No charts,...no graphs. Maybe Sears can decipher the info.

nutty said...

er, are you drunk or high?

i doubt that sears staff can even spell decipher, let alone perform a rudimentary decoding.

boinc projects are a pretty good use of on-time for a computer.
but that's just my opinion, of course.