Tuesday, March 31, 2009

ah, the good old days...before bush.

in 1969, america managed to put a man on the moon (and much more incredibly, bring him back, along with the rest of the crew).

george w bush is just 23 years old.

dr. evil plans to hold the world ransom for $100 billion - an amount of money that didn't exist then.

and the only things toxic were oil spills.

40 years later, the insurer, AIG is bailed out 9along with every major bank), dwarfing dr. evil's absurd demands.

an american insurance company (the world's biggest) that is in the business managing risk...

george bush's 'weapons of mass destruction' have turned out to be homegrown banks on wall st, and the financiers that run them.

47 million americans without health insurance and the worst financial crises since the great depression. how's that less taxes, free market ideology working out - privatizing the profits and socializing the losses? no thanks!

and we have a president in obama that actually seems willing to DO something constructive, even if it is politically suicidal and unpopular. if you think it's bad now, just imagine "drill, drill, drill", mcpain et al, running the show from 1600 pennsylvania ave.

i'm not quite sure why all the pundits assume it's worse in europe. europe has a social framework of caring for its people.

in terms of human suffering, it's much worse over here.

without doubt, the opening decade of the 21st century is not going according to plan.

1999 seems so long ago, now.

cheers, george. it's not all your fault, but you stood by and did nothing for the average american, except to leave them with a true, lasting legacy of your stewardship. debt & higher taxes.

how very republican.

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