Saturday, March 07, 2009

daytona 200

watched the daytona 200 race last night on speed channel.

if this is north america's most prestigious motorcycle road race i must be missing something.

a rolling start, safety car, cautions...the last few laps were a farce.


nascar on two wheels.

this chap won the first ever race there in 1937.
i imagine it was a lot more interesting.


Anonymous said...

I agree 100% I have been involved in professional motorcycle roadracing for over 25yrs and now that DMG ( Daytona Motorsports Group) has been given control over all forms of AMA professional roadracing NASCAR STYLE is the theme and it SUCKS !

BruceLee said...

I agree and Ben Spies said he is glad he moved out of the series. I saw the Superbike race and drove home to Atlanta. I did not have any interest after seeing how the show was handled. It felt more like I was visiting a WERA event.

I hope the factories and professional riders force some change. NASCAR is a dictatorship and motorcycle fans don't need them.

pkrockit said...

They seem to think that since NASCAR is a money-making machine in the US, that if they make bike racing look like NASCAR, they'll generate more revenue. Wrong. If the target NASCAR fans don`t already watch bike racing, then this won't attract them ... but it will drive away the existing fan base.