Thursday, July 16, 2009

40 years ago...

we set off for the moon.

incredible. i'm so old, i actually remember watching the moon landing on tv.

on a tv that my dad bought just so we could see it. like a lot of people did that july in england. most people didn't have a tv before the moon landing. imagine that.

also incredible, is that only now is the united states contemplating universal health care.

unlike in britain when the rocket was launched. i like it when the republicans complain about the european systems. nobody in europe has gone bankrupt because of a health issue.

guess a public health option wouldn't be on the table if pres. mc'ain was in office down the road from where i type. no. they would issue tax credits (which of course, everyone would automatically spend on health care...)

republicans in congress should be ashamed of themselves.
because they never have to be the second-class citizen that the free market, insurance-driven existing system has served so handily to so many.

40 years on, america must choose universal health coverage, for it will never have a better chance.

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