Thursday, July 30, 2009

most hated word of the day..

Bipartisan. Socialism. take your pick.

what a load of bollocks.

go to europe and see for yourselves, you fucking ignorant right-wing untraveled morons that somehow think that a trillion dollars is o.k to spend on a war in iraq, but it's the worst thing that could ever happen if this country actually spent the same sum looking after people's health.

fuck the republicans. it's the free market that has the insurance companies running health care.
the mess you have is the result of government not running health care.

of course, if america had not voted quite so many republicans into the senate during the last election, this country would actually be on the right course to providing a way out of the current, crippling system.

democrats - what a bunh of a weak-willed wankers. unable to get an erection (unless they see a viagra commercial). what exactly is the point of a successful society when there is no universal health care for all. amazing that the right wing is suddenly so vocal on expenditure now the really scary, liberal obama's in office.

americans. all they really care about is their tax bill. or so it would seem.

and please don't tell me that america has the best health care. it doesn't. europe and canada have the best. there is no perfect system.

it's easy to know which is the right course on health care reform - just pick the one that you don't want, and have the other option.

and where the fuck is the church in all this debate? silent.


Dratski! said...

Which church? The Roman Catholic anti-abortion, anti-end-of-life choice church or the Christian Scientist anti-medicine so who needs any health care church?

nutty said...

well, any "church" that proclaims loudly about protecting unborn life, yet cannot fill a single empty page containing their collective 'outrage' over poverty in the USA.

you're right, we don't need a health-care church, just health care (that actually works).

i've been on the receiving end of major surgery in both britain (same hospital as stephen hawking) and the US.