Wednesday, July 22, 2009

note to tour crashers...

car drivers never have to think about this, because you steer a car by turning the wheel.

every skilled motorcyclist knows that when you go into a bend too 'hot' you have to look where you want to go, not straight ahead (known as target fixation) and also that you never conduct a steering input on a white line in the wet (denis menchov).

hitting the front brake hard means you will nearly always wash the front wheel out once into the turn.

the weird thing is that your 'survival reactions' are the thing that you have to override.
this is completely unnatural, counter intuitive and extremely difficult, and is something that you just have to regularly work on and practice.

thor hushovd showed incredible bike handling skills on that corner. the only reason that he didn't crash on that corner was because he knew what to do and didn't panic.

the best cyclists that are great going downhill fast take lines in the road and use their body and steering inputs exactly the same as a motorcyclist.

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