Saturday, March 19, 2005

down to 9......

all packed up. well i am. rebecca is down to a bed covered with everything that isns't male-related and nine pairs of shoes in the other room. everything is, i'm promised, "highly organised......".

we pick the car up at 9am tomorrow morning. then it's off to savannah. stay overnight in a hotel, of to cape canaveral for the best part of a day and then it's a four hour drive to miami.

stopped by neil's store to pick up some music:

vinyl: fear - the record (rebecca)
esthero - o. g. bitch remixes
betty davis - this is it (have wanted this since it came out)
landslide - buddah
aphrodite - royal (turns out this is tiernan's old record!)

to add to what we're taking for the road trip

cd's: nirvana - nevermind (rebecca)
funky kingston- reggae dancefloor grooves 1968-74
massive attack - protection (rebecca)
luscious jackson - electric honey (rebecca)
dr. dre - the chronic

rebbeca is asking me about what shoes she should take.....

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