Sunday, March 13, 2005

it's sunday. day 23 of my detox


just created my first blog. haven't really woken up yet, so don't feel like writing much. my girlfriend is reading some nonesense out loud and making other sounds. she says she's inspiring me. she won't stop..."if you had to think of one word that described your culture or home, or feeling of home what would it be?" she says she'll leave me alone now. and she has.

my answer to that one is "london" when i walked into the kitchen and told her, she asked why (she's an american. we live in washington, d.c). i said that's where you get to experience the most of everything that i identify with being british. i can't imagine a more stimulating place to take anyone who has no idea of british culture and just let them look, smell and hear. exploring london is tiring, dirty, expensive and wonderful. new york city is the only other place i've been abroad that offers the same, albeit in a very different package.

anyway day 23 of my detox. that means no alcohol, no coffee or caffeine, no added sugar, no fried foods, no cheese (basically everything that makes you feel good and gives you energy) and hitting the gym on a very regular basis. i do this every year. sometimes cutting out less than this particular detox. this year is my best detox yet. rebecca, my girlfriend, is doing the same. it's a lot easier to do a detox when you're a couple. being a single bloke and doing a detox is very tough. standing in a bar at midnight with a glass of soda water in your hand makes you feel a fraud. only your friends help. you also discover that when you're on a detox you now have a "window" when going out. that means that you have a maximum of 3 hours to do all your socialising and then get back home for a cup of royal vitality, or lemon ginger tea. not very blokey at all! luckily, my body aches from all the working out to make up for it...great.

we're setting off on a road trip to miami next sunday. i'll try and write something every day before we go. we'll see.

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monkey girl said...

awesome! ol' nutty is a very good writer and a lovely thinker, even if he is an old, bald bloke tied to his british hard-knock ways...