Tuesday, March 15, 2005

monday night

got up at 6:15am. mad.
i'm eating huge amounts of cereal compared to normal. went to work, went straight to the gym, cardio, weights, swim. then off to get a tan. by the time i came back i was starving. had some soup (campbells of course) and crashed for 2 hours.

have been to the gym without fail every other day since feb 16th. i almost feel fit. being on a detox still messes with your sleep, even after 3 weeks or so. eating healthy, you begin to notice things you wouldn't normally pay attention to, like the only people you see eating crisps (potato chips over here) are fat people. you notice those that don't get any exercise as you pass them in the street. they just look tired. you become aware much more of people's energy. weird.

my reading has dropped off so much so that i find it hard to get through more than a few pages at a time. never mind. in a week, i'll be on the beach. need to sort some music out for the trip. i only have to work wednesday this week. nice.

loaded half life2 yesterday and played a little. incredible graphics. best i've ever seen for a game. the only other games i have that look really good are doom3, call of duty-united offensive and far cry. i'm still plowing through halo2 on the xbox. want to complete hl2 without cheating.

i'm awake now. see if i can read. current book "fabric of the cosmos" brian greene.

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