Friday, May 05, 2006

jovian junior

jupiter's junior red may look small, but it's still approx. the size of the earth...

managed to grab a decent look at saturn through the telescope a couple of nights ago, and could easily make out the cassini division in the rings, plus the moons titan, dione, and rhea.

any ballerinas planning a solar system performance amidst the jupiter clouds had better be prepared for a slight weight adjustment. a 110lb ballerina on earth would weigh in at some 280lbs on jupiter (i pity the poor guy that has to catch that one). better off going to the moon, love. at 18lbs, your leaps will be spectacular!, and your male counterpart will be able to catch you with one hand.

and for all you golfers out there, just think how far tiger woods could drive a golf ball! (without any calculations, i'd estimate he could drive the ball a couple of miles before it plopped down into the lunar soil).

gravity; there's no getting away from it. it stops people from falling off the earth at the south pole, to us at least. (there is no such thing as up or down in space, only direction). it holds the earth and all other solar system objects in orbit around the sun. it holds our galaxy, the milky way together. it holds all the galaxies (including ours) that make up what's called the local group together. it holds entire groups of galaxies together, called galactic structures, and it holds all these super galactic structures together.

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