Monday, May 15, 2006

the most stupid thing i've read for a long time:

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that's's in red!

it's hard to know where to begin with this site, but i guess if you live in kansas, this is what the kids are being fed as "science".

"If we trust the Bible as true, and accept theories compatible with scripture we will never have a problem." (this means that any theories not compatible with scripture are automatically rejected from consideration) doesn't sound very scientific to me..

"You can learn more about dinosaurs from 2 hours of reading your Bible, than man has learned on his own in the last 150 years of studying their bones. " (i would say that the vast literature produced by scientists from all over the world over the last 150 years of studying dinosaur bones might disagree with this) exactly what would you learn about dinosaurs from a 2 hour reading of the bible?

No Scientist was there when the earth was formed or when life began. So any ideas they currently have are only educated guesses. (i guess all the phd paleontologists are in complete agreement) i think their contribution is more than only educated guesses.

The only way to learn the truth about how and when life began is to read the testimony of the only one who was there, God himself. (so don't ask any awkward questions, such as why can't i challenge anything in the bible...)

We must believe by faith, the uncompromising Word of God as our source of information. Therefore, knowing and believing that the Bible is true, we can conclude that all land animals were created the same day as man. (that's quite a scientific statement...)

Instead Satan uses dinosaurs as a tool of deception. There is no better animal for Satan to use against the very God that created them, than the animal that represented the very power of God himself. (you're losing it big time, dude)

"Dinosaurs and man DID live together. There is plenty of ways to prove this." (uh huh) there is plenty of ways? no excuse for bad grammer. oh, and how about that proof?

But most importantly from scripture we know that all animals were created to live peacefully with man. (i think we're all fully aware of the cave paintings where sabre-tooth tigers are depicted just chillin' peacefully, in harmony with the cave dudes round the camp fire while they all hang around, waiting the odd hundred thousand years or so for the bible to be written)

for scientific theories to be accepted, they must stand up to close scrutiny and criticism from all others. theories must agree with all observations, and when specific observations are in doubt, then the methodology of how that data was collected, and the accuracy of the results must be shown to be in agreement within the parameters of standardised methods.

real science always advances. take the ancient greeks, who gave us geometry and the pythagorean rule (which today every physics student has to learn). man can do many things, but turn the clock back on the progress of science is not one of them.

i can't wait for this site to be updated when life is discovered elsewhere, either in our solar system or from beyond.

the universally accepted view is that the theory of evolution is almost as successful as the theory of quantum mechanics, the most successful theory in the history of mankind. quantum mechanics just doesn't make any sense, and yet it's importance cannot be overstated. both theories are far from complete, but that doesn't imply that these theories are just ideas, as relevant to us as others with absolutely no scientific merit.

that is surely the triumph of science over reason. ask your doctor what is missing from a complete understanding of the human mind and my guess is that he'll be able to rattle off a list a mile long. ask that same doctor if he thinks that our current scientific understanding, while lacking in detail is completely wrong, and will be eventually overturned by a biblical interpretation, and i think you'll make him look up at you...

there are many things i don't like or agree upon. science, the very backbone of modern human history cannot be one of them.

i'm reminded of the lunar landing conspiracy theorists. show them compelling evidence, data from the mcdonnell observatory, for instance, that seals the deal, and they stick their collective heads in the sand and either refuse to accept it or discount it as part of the conspiracy.

if kansas is unhappy with a scientific theory, how come they're just singling evolution out?

just imagine for a moment that the creationists had their way, and children around the country were taught the following:

1) the earth is 6,000, to 10,000 years old.

2) all life was created in 6 literal days.

3) death and decay came about as the result of adam & eve's fall.

4) geology must be interpreted in terms of noah's flood.

5) there is literally a place that is heaven, where only peace and harmony exists, and hell, where all us sinners are gonna end up. it's not enough to die, i, along with all my friends, have to listen to all the terrible things we've done, and then we'll be sent to satan himself for perpetual eternal agony. - and this is the work of a supreme being? praise me, sacrifice yourself mentally, or suffer eternal damnation forever.

i reckon it boils down to this: truly mind-numbingly cheery, clap-your-hands, christian songs of praise, or some full-on blokey drum n bass.

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