Friday, May 05, 2006

oil, cars, tax and the price at the pump.

if you were to take the highly educated, highly paid lawmakers out of the equation in finding answers to these factors, and were to set a class of high school students a group discussion on what to do about this mess, what do you think they would say?

1. do you think any of them would suggest a $100 check?

2. do you think any of them would say to leave things as they are and hope that everything returns back to normal?

3. do you think any of them would say that big, heavy, non-commercial vehicles should not be accordingly penalized?

4. do you think that they would say, smaller, lighter, cars make more sense, and people should be financially encouraged to do so?

5. why only offer tax incentives to hybrids? all fuel-efficient vehicles should be treated the same. hybrids are a special case and should be treated as such.

6. do you think that any of them would say that the government is doing all it can for their future energy needs?

7. what is the government doing to encourage poor people to drive fuel eficient cars? where are their incentives to get these old, heavy polluters off the road?

8. if a single oil company can afford to pay $400 million in compensation to 1 individual, why shouldn't it pay a windfall profits tax?

9. just why were the oil companies allowed to merge, further limiting competition in the domestic marketplace?

10. how many in the class think that drilling for oil in the arctic refuge is a good idea?

11. how much money the government receives from gasoline tax is spent on investment in public transportation?

12. hands up class if you think the people currently in charge would really listen to what you have say if you were old enough to vote?

place your bets.

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