Thursday, March 01, 2007

amateur astronomy - just buy a telescope. that's all there is to it...

letter to scopestuff:


I recently purchased a William Optics ZenithStar 66mm Petzval ED OTA, and I want to be able to use this instead of the crappy, neck-breaking anywhere near the zenith, 9x50 finderscope that comes standard with the Meade.

I use a Rigel Quickfinder on the Meade to locate objects, but really want to be able to compare views using both the William Optics 66mm refractor and the 8" SCT at the same time.

Looking at your website, I wasn't too sure (meaning I hadn't got a clue...) of exactly what I would need in the way of what mounting rails, and rings, etc. I would need to order for me to accomplish this.

I contacted the William Optics forum, and somebody who is essentially using the same set-up, but with the 10" LX200 kindly responded with the following information:

"Get the regular rings, not those with the three screws (not the "Guide Scope" Rings). The rings that grasp the OTA without the three centering screws are more stable.

Mounting hardware to connect all this (you can buy the rings with or without the mounting hardware, get them "with".

I'm including a photo (see photo) that he sent me of his rig that is basically exactly how I want my set-up to look like (minus the camera gear)

I'm aware that I might well have to purchase additional counter balance weights, but I won't know that for sure until I actually mount the William Optics to the Meade 8". I currently use the Meade counter balance weight set as I use 2" Televue eyepieces.

Many, many thanks if you can help advise me on the full list of the correct and necessary parts that I would need to buy.

We have bought from you a few times in the past and have always had great service from you.

Many thanks if you can help me out, because it will probably take me forever to work out exactly what i'll need if you don't :)

Plus, I've already told my girlfriend this shouldn't be too hard to do...



from good old light-polluted, washington, d.c.

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