Wednesday, March 28, 2007

thank you!

just wanted to say a very big thank you to all my friends for a truly great 45th birthday. special thanks as always to tanc & tiernan. wouldn't have been an event without you.

i would also like to publicly apologise to mr. tancred dickens for breaking up his set and ruining his flow, and completely taking the piss by jumping on the decks and within two records, i somehow found myself playing some dark, blokey music (which i said i wasn't going to do), which quite understandably left tanc saying something that sounds a lot like "clucking bell"

i don't think it helped that tiernan did the same thing later on, and tanc proclaimed that he'd been "double-shafted" - he is quite correct, but i believe my shafting was more of a complete and utter piss-take.

my humblest apologies mate. even nutty has some below-the-belt moments.

i am of course, quite mystified how any of this could have happened in such a quiet, peaceful, soothing environment, sipping herbal teas, quietly reflecting on the poetic sounds of the zen of nature (played left-foot, ambient-fun style) at very low volume...

it was also very nice of chloe to stop by for some tea & biscuits.

some photos to follow once i get them back in a couple of days.

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