Friday, March 16, 2007

americans: only irish on st. patrick's day...

as a little test to see just how ignorant the new york times is, you can go to their web site:, type in a search for st. patrick's day, and you will see a whole load of answers returned.

now do the same for six nations rugby.
nothing. never mind that tomorrow ( on no less day than st. patrick's day itself) the irish could actually win one of europe's most prestigious sporting tournaments. that ireland might lift the championship tomorrow is absolutely huge, since they haven't lifted the title since 1974. that's 33 years...

over here it's a case of everyone dresseing up as idiots (like at my local ymca gym, for instance) who isn't irish, and being completely unaware of what is actually important to anyone who is irish, and do imitations of frat-boy binge drinking.

meanwhile, anyone who is irish will have a chance to celebrate if everything falls their way. a win is not enough. the outcomes of the other two matches decide the championship title.

well done new york times!

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