Thursday, April 12, 2007

'Death to US': Anti-Americanism examined

from the bbc:

The US is perceived by many as an international bully, a modern day imperial power. At this critical moment in history, Washington correspondent Justin Webb challenges that idea.

He argues anti-Americanism is often a cover for hatreds with little justification in fact. His three part series takes him to Cairo, Caracas and Washington but it begins where anti-Americanism began - in Paris.

Send Justin Webb your questions about anti-Americanism

here's my letter to justin webb:

it's not just only about what america does. it's about what it also fails to do.

pick a card. any card will do. from george bush's complete alliance with the oil and gas industry, and the continuing failure to sign the kyoto treaty, the shame of hurricane katrina as the whole nation watched helplessly in disbelief and... nothing happened, the utter disaster in iraq, and yet still this administration has the gall to claim success. i'd hate to see a failure...

what more does the rest of the world need apart from the fact that they see the world's biggest user of energy still won't require it's own auto manufacturers and companies to adopt a policy of limiting progressive carbon emissions.

i'm sorry. but the united states of america has an opportunity to step up and actually do something really good for a change, instead of kicking sand in the world's face, refusing to sign the kyoto treaty, silently proclaiming that their economy is somehow the most important thing on the planet, wanting everyone else to put their house in order first, and not look like the arrogant, spoilt, uncaring bastard it does right now.

i live just a few short blocks from the whitehouse. i've never seen george bush in public here. he is so universally hated in his own city it's unbelievable. perhaps that's why 92% of the residents here voted against him in the last election...

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