Monday, April 02, 2007

US 'must regulate car pollution'

The highest court in the US has ruled that the government was wrong to say it did not have the power to regulate exhaust gases from new cars and trucks.

Twelve states and 13 campaign groups brought the landmark case against the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The US Supreme Court said the EPA had offered "no reasoned explanation" for refusing to regulate carbon dioxide and other harmful gas emissions from cars.

The ruling was close, with five judges voting in favour and four dissenting.

...the environmental protection agency. you'ld think they'd be batting for the other side, and actually be the ones calling for emission curbs, wouldn't you?

government agencies. named after things they don't do.

sept. 2005

president bush in the aftermath of hurricane katrina:

"The work that has begun in the Gulf Coast region will be one of the largest reconstruction efforts the world has ever seen."

how's that coming along, george?

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