Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Bush: Congress let down Americans

yes, but not this one, george.

the republicans in congress in particular let down ‘americans’ when it blocked a $15 billion tax on oil companies.

just yesterday, europe's two biggest oil producers posted substantial profit on the back of soaring crude prices, with BP saying its first-quarter profit increased 63 percent and Royal Dutch Shell reporting a climb of 25 percent.

of course, president bush, aware of these figures omitted to mention any of this in his statement.

and john mccain, doesn't want to end tax breaks to oil companies...


BP made $7.62 Billion.

Exxon are expected to report blockbuster numbers. Can't wait to hear how much they need their tax breaks...

or to put it another way, as you watch the display the next time you fill up at a gas station, $1,155 a SECOND...so next time it takes you a minute to fill up at a shell gas station, consider that they just made $69,300.

to listen to bush's speech, you'd think that all this was fixable by drilling for oil in alaska and that america was a helpless victim.

truck drivers in washington, d.c. protesting about the price of diesel, daily news about record prices of gasoline. this country learned nothing from it's past history lessons of the oil shocks of the 70's when it could have begun investing in alternatives and public transportation.

detroit serving up huge gas guzzlers. people responded. they bought them in droves, on credit, of course, and they are the ones that are suffering as they fill up their monsters on the way to Wal*Mart to buy cheap chinese goods and then complain about the lack of jobs in the good 'ol USA when they get back home and switch on their flat panel tv (bought at Wal*Mart, of course, because the once local tv dealer went out of business a long while ago because he couldn't compete with Wal*Mart and the likes...).

what did this country do after the oil crisis? lack of vision and disastrous under funding for public transportation solutions for the future economy should the unthinkable happen. tax cuts, tax cuts, tax cuts.

sorry, but we've seen how that has all played out for the world's richest nation.

well, welcome to now.
i'm afraid it's time for americans to start paying more tax, not less.

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