Tuesday, April 22, 2008

in case anyone had forgotten...

all states count equal, not just the last one that voted...

i'm sure all those that live and vote(d) in those states know that.

unlike CNN, who keep telling viewers every fifteen minutes that they are:

"the best political team in television..."

or as one pennsylyvanian voter put it:

Obama and the lapel pin
She added, “There’s a lot of things about Obama that I don’t like — that he won’t salute the flag and that he doesn’t wear the American flag on his lapel.”

...like THAT'S the most fucking important thing in you and everyone else's life around you and this country. RIGHT NOW.

there is simply no substitute for education. it's where you learn to discern the difference between a valid debate, hyperbole, bullshit, television aimed at 12-year old mentality, and inspirational speeches.

...i suggest others less blinkered than this woman ( who was probably large) try the BBC:


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