Friday, April 04, 2008

we remember - except john mccain

McCain Sees King Speech as Chance to Mend Ties – only if you’re young, stupid, or have no memory…

The year Mr. McCain voted against establishing the federal holiday for Dr. King, the bill passed the House by 338 to 90, with most Republicans supporting it. It then passed the Republican-controlled Senate and was signed into law by President Ronald Reagan, who had initially opposed the measure. Asked this week why he had voted against it, Mr. McCain said, “I just had not had a lot of experience with the issue, that’s all.”

…it’s 1983. john mccain is 46 years old.

i think most people have a pretty good grasp of what is going on around them at 46. especially so if you are a senator and martin luther king is the hottest topic being voted upon.

that’s how old i am, john fuckin’ mccain. and i have a very good grasp of exactly who you are.

i also have a very good grasp of civil and human rights issues, and i'm not even a politician.

you voted against the Martin Luther King holiday — and his votes against civil rights legislation in 1990 (just 18 years ago – also when he was a very experienced senator) and in support of stripping funds from a commission to encourage observance of the holiday, at best question his commitment to civil rights.

…in short, another white republican. and we all know what they have done for the poor, the neediest, the oppressed, and the poverty stricken.

how is that lower 9th ward coming along in new orleans...?

...just how did john mccain not find the assasination of the country's most important civil rights leader enough of an experience?

if he wants to drag up his experience then by all means, let's not fuck around.

shame on you, you warmongering, lying cunt.

i have a dream, also john. and you, and you're fucking incapable, evil, republicans aren't anywhere in it.


from john mccain's speech today:

...I remember first learning what had happened here on the 4th of April, 1968, feeling just as everyone else did back home, only perhaps even more uncertain and alarmed for my country in the darkness that was then enclosed around me and my fellow captives. In our circumstances at the time, good news from America was hard to come by. But the bad news was a different matter, and each new report of violence, rioting, and other tribulations in America was delivered without delay. The enemy had correctly calculated that the news from Memphis would deeply wound morale, and leave us worried and afraid for our country. Doubtless it boosted our captors' morale, confirming their belief that America was a lost cause, and that the future belonged to them.

...yes. i guess i see how that would make you vote against establishing a federal holiday in his honour...and then later vote in favour of stripping funds in order to promote the observing of the holiday.

i also see how that video of you as a soldier that is being used in your campaign, promoting your so-called patriotic presidential aspirations to lead this country into another 4 more years of bush tax cuts for the rich, while continuing to spend $5,000 every second on the disastrous war in iraq. which you fully support.

and he wants to talk about civil rights?

exactly how can a man of war honour a man who spoke only of peace?

john mccain doesn't even know who is talking about when it comes to foreign policy in the middle east:

john mccain. a real republican war hero.

well, at least he'll be up at 3am if the red phone rings, because of his of bladder...

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