Thursday, January 19, 2006

the great one

went to the zoo to see the panda cub. predictably, he was asleep, so we went to the great apes house. spent a long time with 'mopie' otherwise known as 'the great one'.

he is unusual in that you can look at him face to face (gorillas don't normally like this - act of aggression)

he's also incredible to be near. walking by this amazing creature is missing the point. he's big, even for a silverback. he's impressive. there was only a few people in the great ape house, a fact that made the time spent there much more rewarding.

i was informed that if you pay attention to the other apes, he'll regard that as unimpressive. the best thing is to sit like them and copy what they do. with a lot of luck they'll interact with you. at 500lbs, i guess he's entitled to that view.

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