Sunday, January 15, 2006

thank you denver! thank you denver!

the denver broncos have done football fans a very great service. i was not a particular fan of the broncos, but all that has changed.

anyone watching the nfl will know exactly what i mean.

what do you reckon are the odds of visa picking this year's superbowl winners to feature on their ads? and not, say houston. but if the texans get reggie bush or vince young, they might just be brave enough, but i doubt it.

call me 'mister unadventurous', but my guess is they'll go with the tired and obvious campaign of superbowl winners, because the america media doesn't like anyone else.

how's this country going to deal with not being number one in the not-to distant future? in england, we're used to losing. but when we do win, it's a big thing.

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