Monday, January 16, 2006

a question for the creationists

if god created the world in six days, and on the seventh he rested, why did he give the world earthquakes?

i ask this because of the 4 million homeless pakistanis are facing winter living in tents that are not designed for winter, thanks to an earthquake.

no doubt about it: intelligent design. well done on taking that day off....


Anonymous said...

Funny how everyone wants to blame God for the bad things that happen but never thank him for the good things. I'm more amazed that anything good ever happens to a species that seems to hate so much! Really, do you think humans deserve good things? And if you do, why?

nutty said...

i don't blame god for anything. i was questioning, YES! questioning, the story as told in genesis. questioning, and the healthy role of skepticism plays a huge role in science, but its complete abscence when it comes to religion cannot allow me to hold science and religion in the same esteem. i refuse to accept anything i can't ask questions about, and if the day should comw when you're proved right and i do in fact 'meet my maker" i can assure you that i have a few very pertinent questions for 'him'.

in any case; i don't really want to go to heaven, given the appalling music i'd supposedly be subjected to...lambs, angels, glory.. give me a break. if there's an afterlife, what good is it if i can't be with the people most important to me? if religion didn't hold out the 'promise' of salvation, i wonder how popular it would be? bit too convenient for me. i could be wrong, but until i see some proof, i'm not about to subjurgate my existence on the basis of a story. noi matter how well told and whatever promises it makes. too many millions have died in the name of religion. in any case, how do you know you're backing the right horse? as such, you can read from what i've written that i'm not one to readily apportion blame or otherwise for conveniences sake.

thanks for leaving a comment, though. i appreciate all feedback. my comments are never meant to offend anyone, even if i share a wholly different idealogy.

if pressed, i would have to say that the most amazing thing is that my atoms have evolved to the point they can consider themselves. of that i'm truly grateful.