Monday, January 30, 2006

the new ford hypocrite.

just seen a new ford ad, extolling 'innovation'

fron ford's press release:

"If you look at the Ford Motor Company, innovation has driven everything we’ve done. We’re known for innovation going all the way back to my great grandfather starting with the Model T and the assembly line.

And what we’ve done is re-committed ourselves to American innovation, dramatically ramping up our commitment to hybrids. We were the first with the hybrid SUV. People like hybrids because they like the technology, and it’s one that doesn’t require them to do anything differently than they normally would when they drive a vehicle.

Starting next year, we’ll have about the same number of vehicles that will be ethanol capable. You can run them either on gasoline, ethanol or other bio fuels, getting this country less dependent upon foreign oil.

All of Ford Motor Company is dedicated to safety and we’re using the best minds from Volvo and elsewhere in the company to dedicate ourselves to safety innovation.

It’s a commitment to the technology. It’s a commitment to our own engineers that this is the direction that we’re taking and that we’re not going to back off. Innovation will be the compass that guides this company going forward."

that's great, except for the past nfl season, and featured as a sponsor on fox, all i've seen every football sunday are ads for the f150 truck. not ONE mention of a strange.

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