Wednesday, April 26, 2006

bush displays staggering abillity; a long-term vision for america

yes. this former oilman's brilliant plan to wean america from its dependence on oil is as follows:

he's going to increase the supply of oil to americans this summer - that should help the long term energy problem no end. proof that votes count more than anything else. anything else.

price gouging - those naughty oil execs. better have a very good answer, or they'll be absolute hell to pay... you know there's something not quite right when oil companies take out full-page newspaper ads telling you how all those super, enormous profits they're all making, are really, really necessary for the american people...never mind that 'jabba the oil hut' in the photograph above, was paid $400 million in compensation in his final year!

here's the brilliance of a man faced with some tough choices - he's going to relax environmental rules, so the oil companies can get more oil out of the ground.

there's more: he urged oil companies to reinvest their profits in expanding refining capacity and in developing alternative energy sources. that's like urging a fox to start eating carrots, while heaping huge sums of taxpayers' money on subsidies that serve to exploit hens for all they're worth. did you know that the united states spent $60 billion dollars of taxpayers' money in the 1990's protecting the delivery of oil from the middle east worth $10 billion.

er, why are oil companies being subsidised in the first place?

those subsidies give to those that are already making enormous profits, thereby taking away from alternative energy sources. just what economic model does bush and the republican party have in mind that supports this policy as being proactive in stimulating demand for alternative energies? - i can't think of one, and i studied economics at university.

and just what has this massive investment of taxpayers' money got america? a doubling of the price of gas at the pump since bush reached office.


the only thing he could possibly have done to make it worse would have been to put the oil companies in charge of this country's energy policies - oh, sorry, i forgot. he's done that.

george w. bush - a tour de force of a visionary leader, that no matter how great or difficult the challenge, he always manages to do the right thing...

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