Monday, April 03, 2006

darfur madness

George. you're the president of america; the leader of the free world. why do you not lead?!!

where are the christian conservatives? why aren't they screaming for you to do something?

they seem to be very vocal when it comes to the issue of an unborn fetus, but amazingly silent on the issues of quality of life know; things like poverty, education, that sort of thing.

why does the world's most powerful nation do nothing to end the incredible suffering in darfur? if there's a place on the planet that actually could benefit from america weilding it's mighty axe of thor, surely it's the sudan.

and since 'w' can't seem to be capable of giving a speech without mentioning terrorism, i suggest he takes a good, long, hard look at northern uganda. just what do you think is going on there? a chimps tea party?

george. w. bush: the worst president in american history.

and we thought nixon was bad.......

p.s: hey condi! you fit in so well with northern england...

find any nice shoes in blackburn?


Ms Smack said...

geez, that image is awful... and poignant at the same time.

I dont like Bush at all ...

You write really well. With passion and style, and an easy to read style.

nice :)

nutty said...

hi honeysmack.

thanks for the kind words. i literally live a few blocks from the whitehouse, so it's real easy not to be a bush fan (like the other 92% of washington, d.c)

he's one bad advert for humanity!

cheers :)