Wednesday, April 26, 2006

dinosaurs found in america

senator christopher bond and his missouri pals at briggs & stratton can all pat themselves on the back for doing absolutely nothing to make the lawn mower business better for all concerned. every time it seems that a new technology that can come along and make the enviromnment better, cleaner for eveyone, these two old friends rattle their sabres, claiming the end of the world for them is nigh. perhaps it should be. if the fitting of catalytic converters is causing so much grief, what's in store for the future of home lawn care? maybe gardeners can buy and trade emissions credits just so senator bond can continue to protect an industry status quo.

of course, the best way to deal with these nobrainasauruses, would be to just let them go and watch and wait for the first new breed of emissions friendly ride-ons, etc. to take their cherished place. briggs and stratton - pay now, or pay a lot more later. or, you can just shake your head and hope all the scientists have got it all wrong, and instead, keep stuffing checks into senator bonds' grubby paws.

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