Wednesday, April 12, 2006

unique amongst all

you know why this guy is special?

on this day, april 12th, 1961, yuri gagarin became the first human sent into space and orbit the earth.

how sad that the 'new york times' in america had absolutely nothing regarding this very significant event in mankind's history. nothing.

america. where everything else revolves around it.

if america isn't involved, or doesn't do well in the subject matter, you're not gonna hear about it.

i'm quite sure that the average american male thinks that nascar is the pinnacle of motorsport...that american football is the ultimate expression of physical ability, and that the term 'world champion' in sports applies only to american teams competing in nationally-limited competitions.

america. land of no humility.

this country has so much going for it. it is a country of extremes. people, weather, wealth, land, and opportunity, due to a very (i think) healthy disregard of barriers to the individual. however, a little humility or recognition of the achievements of other nations goes a long, long way. just ask anyone who isn't american.

neil armstrong may have been the first man to walk on the moon, but it was russia and yuri gagarin that made kennedy push this country in order to accomplish the extraordinary. and extraordinary it was. i remember my dad buying a new tv, just for the occassion, and me begging that i could stay up to watch the moon landing. i was seven years old, and i thought that it was the most important thing i had ever seen.

here's to all those that were involved in accomplishing the impossible. wherever they were from. and to all those that came second, or third, etc. for that matter.

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