Friday, April 07, 2006


it's incredible that the united states of america was formerly a land of an indigenous native american population.

it's incredible that before 1800, more people in america came from africa than anywhere else...

it's incredible that tobacco, the plantations of which had an abundance of land and a shortage of labour, can not only be legally bought, but is subject to tax that the government readily collects. it's the only product i know of that carries a fatalist health warning.

slavery was the backbone of the prosperity of the colonies, and yet, in 2006, house conservatives of the republican party in this country, want to kill the proposed immigration bill. they say it amounts to an amnesty for lawbreakers.

not one of these senators can trace their lineage solely to north american soil. this country was made rich on the exploitation of free labour. the inhumanity that countless slaves suffered was all in the name of profit. they were worked to death, and then they were replaced. the more money the white few made, the greater the incentives to maintain its supply of free labour.

common punishment for a male slave running away:

1st running away - whipping
2nd time - R branded on a cheek
3rd time - an ear was cut off
4th time - an R was branded on the other cheek, followed by....castration

it's also incredible that if you compare the states that relected bush to power for a second term, you can readily identify a similarity with the ones that were strong slave states.

new york city wasn't built by floods of americans...senator john cornyn, republican of texas! or do you and your fellow conservatives conveniently forget your own history?

immigration is a real issue that demands a real working answer. whatever solution is proposed cannot possibly please everyone, but you have to confront the reality that affects 11 million people in your country one day. it seems that you and your sort prefer to look away and instead of finding answers, point your finger and label immigrant workers as lawbreakers, not deserving of american freedoms and values.

for 200 years, america was full of people just like you.

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