Saturday, September 29, 2007

Bush climate plans spark debate

A plan by US President George W Bush for countries to set their own targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions has drawn considerable criticism.

Some delegates at a meeting of the world's top 16 polluters saw Mr Bush's comments as a US reluctance to commit to binding action on global warming.

Officials at the Washington forum said legally-set international targets were the only way to tackle climate change.

Mr Bush stressed that combating climate change should not damage the economy.

And he again hinted that the US would not commit itself to mandatory CO2 cuts.

...this will be as effective in reducing CO2 emissions as would be imposing voluntary speed limits on american roads and expecting drivers to observe them.

since when did voluntary goals achieve ANYTHING?

we have laws precisely because we cannot voluntarily achieve goals set by society and government.

here's a couple of examples: "littering is illegal" signs you see at the side of roads. well how come there's so much crap lying around everywhere? perhaps they should change the signs to say "if you litter, you're a cunt!" that would make you think twice before chucking your twinkie wrapper out of the window of a moving car! i mean, who the hell wants to think they're a cunt? (don't answer george...)

or how about "please drink responsibly" bollocks you see at the bottom of on all the alcohol ads on tv. how come you see so many drunk assholes out at the weekend?

or am i fucking missing something?

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