Wednesday, September 12, 2007

usa vs tonga

i wonder, given all the flag-waving tributes of yesterday, just how many americans are watching their country compete in international sport's second biggest competition this morning?

how many even know their country is playing?

usa should win this match-up judging by their performance against england. tonga are very physical, though, and it will be a tough game in the second half.

i watched espn last night and saw plenty of coverage of the women's soccer world cup, and nothing at all on the rugby world cup!

that just about says it all.

if america isn't any good at a sport, americans won't get to hear about it. don't believe me? go buy a newspaper today and try and find any coverage of the rugby world cup.

if there is any, i guarantee it will be a footnote compared to women's depressing!


usa loses to tonga 25 - 15...

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