Friday, September 14, 2007

england vs south africa

the only good thing about this match-up is that i'm not going to be able to watch the dismantling of england by the springboks.

where to start? vickery (our captain) out, suspended for 2 games for that stupid trip, and our two leading fly-halves (critical position) are out through injuries.

if england win this, it will only be because the nazarene himself has returned, sent from above, pulled on a shirt with a rose on it and took to the field. either that, or we produce the biggest upset in the tournament so far.

...sadly, nutty doesn't believe in miracles.


Ulysses said...

Hi, I'm an Aussie currently living in Texas. I will be in DC for the Semi-Finals weekend - and a likely Aus v. NZ matchup (sorry, but at this stage of the tournament you probably agree!). Do you have any recommendations about a good place to watch the game?

Thanks in advance.

nutty said...

hi ulysees,

i think there are a few bars in d.c. showing the games. check on the internet to make sure. bring identification, and $10-$20 to get in...

also, check with the australian embassy just to see if you can manage to get in there to watch the semi-finals.

best of luck mate!

thankfully, i didn't get to see the south africa beating.