Saturday, September 01, 2007

senator larry craig to resign - finally

A US Republican senator who pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct after his arrest in a men's toilet will resign from the Senate, party officials say.

Mr Craig said he should not have pleaded guilty without legal advice., if he wasn't guilty, why did he plead guilty? he's a senator, not some guy flipping burgers at wendy's.

o.k. hands up all those that believe he's innocent...

i don't know what's more pathetic. his protestations in front of the tv camera of "i'm not gay", "i'm not gay" for the obvious benefit of his family and friends (pity his wife and children), or the republicans party's repugnant singled out intolerance when it comes to one of their own, now it's idaho, a republican stronghold state.

i don't expect politicians to be role models for children (who the hell wants to be a politician as a kid), but i do expect them to make good decisions...and finally, if they must transgress themselves in mens bathrooms, then i'd rather not hear about it at all.

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