Thursday, September 06, 2007

nutty adds new word to existing lexicon

i've been thinking how much i really don't like the word 'techno' as it's currently used to to describe anything to do with modern technology, for obvious reasons.

so instead, anyone who readily embraces technology (like my mate tanc, for instance) will now be known as a 'tech-nog', and not have to deal with the horrible tag of 'techno' being applied anymore.

i mean, who the hell wants to be known as techno-friendly?... why not go the full hog and admit you're into trance and indeed a tiesto lover?

like this guy...

Simply Great, July 5, 2007
By J. M. Drury "MD" (Jacksonville, FL) - See all my reviews
One of the best Tiesto CD's I've had the pleasure of owning. It has been playing on repeat for a week now and I haven't gotten tired of it.

...yeah, because you've had a lobotomy, dude.

just in case you're unaware of what we're taliking about here, here's a youtube that tiernan kindly sent me that best describes the awesome magic that is tiesto:

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