Thursday, September 15, 2005

, bush, f.e.m.a and this evening

president bush is to address the nation tonight at 9pm.

this is what i want to hear answers to:

1. why wasn't michael brown fired instead of being allowed to resign.

2.why did president bush say that everyone was doing 'a heck of a job'? is he mad?

3. is president bush going to appoint an independent commission on what went wrong, and why?

4. will he publicly admit that his administration's funding cuts forced federal engineers to delay improvements on the levees, floodgates and pumping stations that failed to protect new orleans from hurricane katrina's floodwaters.

5. why was he the last person to know what was going on? perhaps because he refuses to read the newspapers and watch the news on television. he had to have his advisors tell him.

6. what does his administration plan to do in order to tackle the problem of poverty, especially in the light of new orlean's poorest ctizens who had no means of evacuation, and were so miserably failed by their commander in chief, fema, their governor, and mayor. just who was doing a 'heck of a good job'?

7. and on the seventh question, i rested.


Annie said...

I only feel qualified to answer #2. Yes.


nutty said...

hi tink,

yep. you're right. v. quickly looked at your blog. yes; the vlt is the official name for the very large telescope.

i'm still waiting for the 'hctaet!' to be constructed and put on top of a in:

'holy crap; that's an enormous telescope!'

i'm into amateur astronomy

Annie said...

lol ...
what *will* they think of next? But, it's simple and effective. VLT.
I saw your photo of the Alberio lights in Cygnus. Very lovely. I had a note in my blog about a fairly recent discovery in Cygnus.
thanks for the share!

On the Bush - what do you guys in England call it? A wanker? :o)