Tuesday, September 13, 2005

keep blogs spam free!

please don't spam my blog.

the last (very serious and charged) post received a totally subject-free comment from some moron (yes. you, maggs), solely posted in order for me to check out some lame jewellry site, for which i presume, they receive some small pittance for me clicking on to. that's a really great display of intelligence and thought maggs , given the subject of the post.

any more spam will result in the filtering of comments via e-mail first, before allowing posting to this blog. i don't want to be spammed. that means i do not want to be sold to.

this is directly aimed at all you "hey! check this great site out... i found a great deal on boring, boring, boring... ." weak excuses for people.

i have a brain; if i want to buy something, this blog will not be the conduit for that purchase.

er, unless it's with regard to telescopes, of course..... ;)

thank you!


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