Wednesday, September 14, 2005


just throwing this out, as i don't know the answer. i don't know why i even thought of it, but:

for every other part, or limb of the human body, you have the singular, then the plural. for instance:

one eye; two eyes.
one arm; two, or both arms.
a shoulder; two, or both shoulders.
one elbow; two elbows. etc.
one leg; two legs.
one ankle, two, or both ankles.

but why, when it comes to the foot, do you have one foot and two feet?
i'm using foots from now on to describe two feet until i find out.

anyone know the answer to this, or can give another example of the human body?

i'm off to five, now to see ltj bukem. see ya :)


noahphex said...

did ltj actually show up this time? he had problems with customs on the last tour.

nutty said...

yep. i actually enjoyed what bobby jae was playing more than some of bukem's stuff. the sound was very good. possibly the best i've heard at club five, here in d.c. i was told that he did a three-hour soundcheck (that helps)

noahphex said...

rock on. I'm about to go see him in Atlanta tommorow with dj db and some others.

nutty said...

if it's the same show, and i presume it is, you'll love bobby jae if you're into some of the older stuff and liquid funk style. i could have easily just heard him play. right up my street; more than bukem, actually.

have a good one, man.

Annie said...

hm. tooth. teeth. tooths. I kind of like toofs. Well, it's not *actually* a technical body part.