Monday, September 19, 2005

monday night football - katrina night - america!

i don't know about you, but i'm getting a bit fed up with the bush administration keep chucking out the line about how generous the american people are.

don't get me wrong, but why, when they had the chance, did these same generous american people, re-elect a government that's done everything possible to make sure that it is not the one footing the bill, and taking care of its poorest and neediest citizens directly, instead of passing the buck and relying on charities. that's great. just what is the role of government in america? how !@#$%^&! bad does it have to get?

something, somewhere, just doesn't add up.

i mean; if americans are really that generous, why don't we have an elected government that collects taxes with fiscal responsibility, and actually take care of all its people and not just the ones with money? i'll tell you the reason; the voting majority voted against that. um; that doesn't strike me as being particularly generous.... anyway you slice it; bush will go down as the worst president in american history, and everyone who voted for him bears responsibilty.

all the outraged republicans reading at this post can easily prove me wrong at the next election. let's see you vote with your wallet as well as your heart. anything less than a landslide win by the democrats will sadly prove me right (that's if they can actually get their act together...).

here's my challenge to america: prove me wrong!

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