Saturday, September 24, 2005

rita coverage and the stop the war protest

nothing like the very threat of political suicide to make officials and government, and the president suddenly look competent (alright; i take the bush looking competent comment back).

he really is the worst public speaker i've ever heard.

i hope the independent commission considers very carefully at what we all saw on tv in comparing responses to hurricanes katrina and rita.

it might be pushing it to hope for just 1% of rita's tv coverage for the stop the war rally and concert here in d.c today.

doesn't it strike everyone as being very disconcerting that you never get to see any dead bodies on american tv news? as sad and as bad as those images be, they represent the ultimate reality for those unfortunates and unlucky ones.

scenes of death and destruction in war are very disturbing. you know what; show them! the public deserves the truth. you think that when a suicide bomb goes off in bahgdad, iraqi tv news doesn't show any dead iraqi bodies? i would imagine the viewers in iraq are intimately more connected to the stark realities of the war being waged in their country. one being waged by a president who will not allow any images of dead american soldiers to be seen on any of the american news networks...

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