Saturday, September 17, 2005

letter to the democratic party

i just sent this e-mail letter to the democratic party after reading that bush will not increase taxes to pay for the cost of rebuilding new orleans. i bet the poor can't wait for those budget cuts.....

you will never have a better opportunity to defeat the republicans than the one that has now been presented to you on a plate by that irresponsible idiot living a few blocks from where i live.

get yourselves organised and find a true leader. you don't need a nice
guy, you need a pit bull. stop trying to please everyone and stand up
for what you truly believe. the country is waiting for you to do just that.

if you can't win the next presidential election by a landslide, i suggest
you give up and disband your political party, and let another form. one
that really does speak for the masses.

i don't think for one minute that this e-mail will be passed to anyone
in a position of authority in your party. how about you prove me wrong
and send me a non-automated response?

i'm posting this to my blog, so every democrat that happens to stumble
upon my thoughts reads this.

this is what you see after you post a message to the democratic party:

Thank You

Thank you for contacting the DNC. We'll forward your comments to the
appropriate person.

we'll see....we'll also see just who is deemed appropriate by the response
i get. i'll post the reply as soon as i get it.

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