Saturday, December 17, 2005

an air of entitlement

we walked to dupont circle this morning to get a coffee, and was heading to cvs, where we have to stop, along with a couple of others as the cars have the green light. three girls, the one in the middle talking, walk straight across into the path of on-coming traffic, not once looking at the lights and two cars have to stop because of them. the guy next to me is shouting to the girl in the middle: "watch the traffic!", pointing at the stop sign we (the pedestians) have.

indignant, she starts berating the guy for shouting at her. the guy (quite rightly) replies that he was only trying to stop her from being run over. she reponds "i'm not stupid. i'm not a retard!", at which point i butt in and say "i'm with him. he's right. and yes you are!

we all go our way as the lights change. i'm sure the idiot of a girl, full of an air of self-entitlement, goes on to complain about us to her friends, instead of thanking the guy for looking out for her. the amazing thing was that she never even acknowledged that she wasn't in the right, let alone that she caused two cars to brake in the middle of the road, just because she was unaware of the situation.


KOB said...

Well told story

Viagra said...

So glad you said that. Wow, some people are unbelievable.

Elliott Broidy said...

Great post here.