Thursday, December 01, 2005

sunshine in tv ads..

anyone notice how in every tv ad, everyone's face is ridulously illuminated as if by the sun?

they can be absolutely anywhere indoors. makes no difference. but when there's a drama, the whole area is in darkness, (hospitals, etc) yet by some miracle, the actors' faces are lit from beneath. this is most strange. i've been in operating rooms. they are not dark.

also, i'm puzzled by the shaving commercials. ever seen a normal looking guy shave in a tv advert? nope. he's a full-on gym rat (never bald) that immediately after shaving, an attractive looking female comes up to and strokes his face with the look of a lobotomised cheerleader. but if it's a cold remedy commercial, not one gym rat in sight. just a couple of normal, tired-looking, suburb-dwelling 40 somethings in pyjamas that are all grayed out until after a restful nights sleep, where behold! the ridiculously illuminated sunshine face reappears......................... :)

conclusion: bald, non athletic-looking men shave, and gym-rats get colds. and it's never sunny on their faces when they do either.

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