Saturday, December 17, 2005

National Strategy for Victory in Iraq

i always allow comments (profanity-free, as i have family members that check it out) to my blogs. it seems reasonable to me if i'm allowed to say whatever i like, then people ought to be allowed to respond freely.

however; i received one this morning about a blog i did on september 15th, about president bush's job approval hitting a low of 41%. amazed that 41% of americans actually thought he was doing a good job, i wrote something sarcastic and included an image of a tipped balance - to represent the biased news media fed to most cable subscribers. does anyone actually think that fox news is a news provider? i also included an image of a painting done by my friend, katie didreksen, showing bush and cheney in an amusing setting - this was long before they wanted to keep torture legal on detainees.....i'm sure the whitehouse lawyers are busy at work writing legalspeak definitions that will save the use of inhuman practices outlawed by most of the western world

the response i received from that post (no names, as this person isn't spamming me) :

"Mmm.... so what?"

come on! i'm looking for biting, scathing, intelligent, sarcastic, witty retorts from those that disagree. i don't consider "Mmm... so what?" to offer any of those. Mmm: i can only presume this individual is one of the 41%......that's what.

one other thing: it's great to look up and check someone elses blog when they reply to your blog and all you see is: "this account is closed". that's it! pistols at dawn! :)

last, but by no means least: here's rooting for tampa bay against new england, and for the colts to beat the chargers. as for the redskins-cowboys game: it's do or die weekend for washington.

as that affable texan says:

bring 'em on!.....

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