Monday, December 26, 2005

mercedes, green light, police car, action - whiplash!

just your average start to christmas day. rebecca and i left the apartment around 1:15pm to head out to see her family for lunch and presents. at the junction of new york ave. & florida, we have to stop on a green light for a police car, siren-on, travelling across our right of way. unfortunately for us, the driver of the green mercedes behind us, apparently didn't see or hear the police car, and rear-ended us at i guess about 20 mph. fair amount of damage to the rear of our car, and extensive damage to the front of the merc. the driver explained that it was her mother's car and that she'd never had an accident before....if she can't see us, the police car going across the road, or hear it's siren, this probably will not be her last...

we exchanged details, and rebecca phoned the insurance company, so i guess it will all eventually sort itself out. we were lucky that we were able to drive the car and didn't have to wait for a tow. but we both have really sore necks and headaches from the whiplash, which isn't exactly what you expect on christmas day. tomorrow, or tuesday, i guess we'll go to the doctor and spend the morning getting checked out - (you never really want to go to hospital on christmas day unless you absolutely, really, really have to).

rebecca didn't get to see her family, or exchange presents, and we had chinese food delivered for our dinner (many thanks to khan for the suggestion and peking garden for actually being open), as we had no food in the house.

here's hoping tomorrow will be ever-so-slightly better :)

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