Monday, December 19, 2005

and here's a true player

from the daily telegraph (uk): "11/25/05. George Best, one of the world's greatest-ever footballers, has died in a west London hospital after a long battle with alcoholism. He was 59."

unlike david beckham, george was universally loved by everyone. it was impossible not to forgive him for being a drunk.

today, where everyone's got an ipod but no-one's looking happy, where it's 'coo'l to be this, and it's 'cool' to do that, and it's 'cool' to go there, and everything's cool, blah, blah, blah...' i.e. 'name dropping'......

o.k. ladies; beckham may be both 'hot' and 'cool' (eh?), but george was the real thing. and there's not a bloke in england that would disagree, whether you supported man. u or not.

cheers to you, george! i'll have a few beers tonight in your honour, because as a kid, i spent countless hours glued to the tv, watching your magic on the football field.

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