Tuesday, August 07, 2007

the barry bonds fiasco

never have i witnessed such a willingness in all of sports media to talk about 'history' and not talk about cold, hard data, or the uncomfortable truth surrounding its beloved national pastime.

history? you call this history?

in years to come, 'history' will perhaps take a different view of what has been transpiring this past decade in major league baseball. whatever the entrys in books yet to be written, i doubt very much that the bud selig era of mlb will be remembered as one of great moral sporting fortitude.

great, a 50-game suspension... whoopie fuckin do. in cycling and athletics, it can mean the end of your whole career, and a year's salary fine. if you want to get serious bud, then get serious.

...exactly what does that lone blue dot suggest to you?

in any other normal data sample, that strange, lone blue dot would not be 'worshipped' and would instead be seen as an anomaly.

the question then asked by rational individuals seeking an explanation is what accounts for such anomalies?

in the case of barry bonds, are such anomalies really part of 'history'?

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