Sunday, August 19, 2007

er, i'm not hearing anyone thanking god for the earthquake hitting peru...

Quake Death Toll Exceeds 500, More Than 1,500 Hurt

you'd think that an officially recognised so-called 'act of god' would have christians everywhere thanking god. after all, if everyone who died has gone to heaven, they're all better off aren't they?

i understand & fully sympathise with non-believers grieving for their loss, but as for devout followers...

what i'd like to know is what was god doing making churches fall down upon hundreds of worshippers while they are in the very act of praising him?

seems rather odd...

humans can display an unflinching ability to believe in their own convictions. we just don't like to admit that we might be wrong. how many drivers do you honestly think would respond to a questionnaire with "i am a bad driver". yet road accident statistics clearly show that we are not all "good" or even "half decent" drivers.

when it comes to natural disasters and tragedy, it gets even worse. we like or choose to see the 'miracle' of the few survivors, known in the local community instead of reflecting on the enormity of the relative loss of the unknown many...there is bias in our thinking. finding a loved one alive is profoundly different than learning of fifty dead you didn't know...without fail, someone will trot out the words "it's a miracle"...

if a plane crashed killing hundreds of people, people would be outraged if nobody asked any questions as to how or why it happened. if the same manufacturer's airplane kept on crashing, killing hundreds, would we drop to our knees and offer prayer to the manufacturer? i hardly think so. perhaps that's because we know that the manufacturer cannot offer us anything beyond this existence...somehow religion escapes because we shouldn't ask awkward questions...what a load of bollocks!

a plane crashes killing 308 people. 4 children are found alive. i'm sorry, that's NOT a miracle! 308 people have just died in a plane crash!

no, belief systems that there is hope that there is more than this world offers is so strong that many refuse to acknowledge what they see around them. some people from pisco are actually calling it a miracle that a statue of christ didn't get crushed in the earthquake while all around them, their friends and family did.

that's some fucking miracle...

i say to them, just what evidence will it take to convince them they might actually be wrong?

there was a period of human history when such closed minds actually dominated world history; it was called the dark ages.

so in case you were fooled by the image at the top of the page,
this is what reality looks like:

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