Wednesday, August 22, 2007

michael vick

i can’t believe so many people are standing up for michael sick. would they stand up for somebody else convicted of torturing their dog to death? i somehow doubt it.

do you really think if it was an executive of verizon that was caught torturing, killing, & illegal gambling on dogfighting on his own property, people would be phoning into show their support that he should keep his job? . do you think anyone would even be discussing whether he should 'keep his job'?


america has long blurred the lines between sporting ability and hero, role model and pampered existence. this guy had the lot and apparently chose to spend his spare time gambling that one dog could maul & draw more blood than another at bad news keenelz in rural virginia, only this time, he gambled and lost.

when confronted with the charges, he did what everybody else does in the public eye does in this country does – he denied all charges. now his so-called friends (nice company he keeps) have turned on him, he had no other choice but to plead guilty in the hope he could lessen the blow to himself.

when ordinary people fuck up, they don’t get to make deals or have teams of highly-paid lawyers. they have to face the consequences of their actions. i don’t care how talented he was on the field, because now i know just what a cruel, evil cunt he is.

sympathy for michael vick? take a good long hard look at the dog's face and realise that much, much worse went on at his property.

i hope he never gets to set foot on the field again, so that he gets plenty of time to reflect that while he was busy enjoying torturing and killing dogs, he was also fucking himself at the same time.

roger goodell, here's your one big chance to do the right thing and send a real message to all of america.

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freevick07 said...

your article is crap!!! dogfighting is like a sport, like the running of the bullz. mike vick didnt do crap!! yall dont know wut yall r talkin bout!! FREE VICK

nutty said...

i suggest you learn the english language and then learn how to form constructive critiscm.