Monday, August 20, 2007

hurricane dean bears down on the yucatan peninsula

as of late monday evening, hurricane dean is now a category 5 monster.

remember, that for each 10 mph increase of wind speed, there corresponds roughly about 10 times more damage, and 20 times greater financial loss...that's why a category 5 monster is so deadly. 

the meteorologists never tell you this on tv. all they want to go on about is wind speed and storm surge, but don't explain why those numbers are so significant, or how they relate to the other categories. well now you know.

hurricane deaths, damage and destruction are clearly not linear. think exponential.

this one, the size of texas, no less, looks sadly set to unload on the yucatan peninusla and mexico, in low-income population areas. this is sure to result in many deaths and casualties from the expected 18ft storm surge.

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